3rd ESO – Unit 3 Exam – January 2018

Hello! Your exam for Unit 3 will be on Thursday, January 18. Grammar: 1. Present perfect 2. For vs. since 3. Already, still, yet Vocabulary: Unit 3 Memrise for Unit 3: https://www.memrise.com/course/1803735/eso-english-3o-eso-unit-3/ I have posted some worksheets for you on Edmodo to help you study. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail orContinue reading “3rd ESO – Unit 3 Exam – January 2018”

Writing Practice

Hello! Here are some activities to help you practice your writing. Filling out a form Chat with a friend Advertisement Report Informal e-mail Formal e-mail If you have any questions, e-mail me at scjenglish@gmail.com or send me a message via Edmodo. Good luck!

3rd ESO: Units 7 & 8 Exam

  Remember, the vocabulary is: folder, carpet, accuracy, balance, compete, coordination, draw, flexibilty, improve, speed, stamina, strength, take the lead, change the sheets, close the blinds, tie, beat, do the washing, empty the bin, mop the floor, mow the lawn, set the table, vaccum, wash the dishes, challenge, referee Study using Memrise: https://www.memrise.com/course/1492378/mosaic-3-unit-7/ If youContinue reading “3rd ESO: Units 7 & 8 Exam”

Study Vocabulary

Igual te estás preguntando ¡¿Y cómo estudio tanto vocabulario?! Fácil. Busca lo que mejor funciona para ti. Yo, personalmente, soy muy de la vieja escuela y me gusta hacer unos flashcards para estudiar. ¿Qué son? Pues, unas tarjetucas de papel grueso (tipo cartulina) en los cuales escribes la palabra en inglés en un lado yContinue reading “Study Vocabulary”