4th ESO: Reported Speech

Hello! I know it’s difficult, so here are some resources to help you study. Explanation IN SPANISH:   Part 1     Part 2   READ BOTH CAREFULLY Video explanation with exercises (in English)   PDF Exercises: (Answers on page 2) Reported Speech Reported Questions Interactive exercises: https://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/exercises_list/reported.htm


Here is some information to help you review conditional sentences. Si prefieres estudiar este tema en castellano (os entiendo, es chungo…) echa un vistazo a: http://aprendeinglessila.com/2013/03/condicionales/ PRACTICE! Let’s start with two easy activities. Kahoots! Remember: I can see the results to these. 1. First conditional (If + present simple + will) 2. Second conditional (IfContinue reading “Conditionals”

4th ESO: Unit 3 review activities

Writing skills practice: Read the pages and do the exercises at the bottom of each page: Formal e-mail Informal e-mail (easy) or Informal e-mail (difficult) CV A blog (easy) or a blog (difficult)   Explanations of the verb tenses in English: Resumen de los seis tiempos que hemos visto: Summary of future tenses, from “What’sContinue reading “4th ESO: Unit 3 review activities”

October 20, 2017: Past simple, past continuous, and used to

We reviewed the past simple, past continous and “used to” today in class. Here’s information in Spanish about these three concepts: Past simple: https://www.aprendeinglessila.com/2013/01/pasado-simple/ Past continous: https://www.aprendeinglessila.com/2013/07/el-pasado-continuo-past-continuous-en-ingles/ Used to: https://www.aprendeinglessila.com/2013/08/used-to-ingles/ El uso de USED TO con la canción «Somebody That I Used to Know» Lyrics training for “used to”: https://es.lyricstraining.com/play/gotye-kimbra/somebody-that-i-used-to-know/HRFPTX6H8R# Past simple and past continuous:Continue reading “October 20, 2017: Past simple, past continuous, and used to”

Unit 1 2017-2018

Your Unit 1 exam will be on Monday, October 9. Vocabulary on this exam: – Work and jobs – Family and friends – Nationalities Grammar on this exam: – Present simple – Present continuous Writing on this exam: – CVs – Questionnaires   Here is the vocabulary for Unit 1. Remember: the most important wordsContinue reading “Unit 1 2017-2018”