Writing Practice

Hello! Here are some activities to help you practice your writing. Filling out a form Chat with a friend Advertisement Report Informal e-mail Formal e-mail If you have any questions, e-mail me at scjenglish@gmail.com or send me a message via Edmodo. Good luck!

4th ESO: May Exam

Remember that the exam on Thursday will cover units 6 and 7. GRAMMAR: Unit 6 – Reported speech Unit 7 – Future tenses (future continuous, future perfect, will, be going to, present simple, present continuous) VOCABULARY: Unit 6 – Reporting verbs – 6.1 Unit 7 – Phrasal verbs – 7.1 Good luck! Remember to e-mailContinue reading “4th ESO: May Exam”

4th ESO: November Writing

This month you must create an advertisement for a product that is typical in Cantabria: sobaos, quesada, anchovies, etc. This advertisement must be designed for a magazine for teenagers. You must include: information about the product your (brief!) opinion about the product the price where you can buy the product The last day to handContinue reading “4th ESO: November Writing”

4th ESO: Unit 1 Exam

The exam for Unit 1 will be on Monday, October 24. Entrará en el examen el vocabulario que hemos visto (tenéis una lista en la página 20) y de gramática: past simple, past continuous, used to, present perfect simple and continuous, already, still, yet, just, ever, y never. Recuerda que tenéis el VocApp para ayudarosContinue reading “4th ESO: Unit 1 Exam”

October Writing: 4th ESO

DUE OCTOBER 28th Last month you wrote an informal e-mail. This month you must write a formal e-mail. Here’s the prompt: Source: British Council “Learn English Teens” (https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/writing-skills-practice/more-formal-email) You can write more than 150 words if you would like. Remember to use the proper format: Dear (Person’s Name), Blah blah blah. Sincerely,(Your name) I willContinue reading “October Writing: 4th ESO”