What should I do this summer?

Las lenguas extranjeras no son cosas que se puede empezar y dejar, “sin más”. Es recomendable trabajar un poquito cada semana (no, mejor, cada día) para no dejar tus habilidades oxidar. ¡Lo noto yo cuando voy a EE.UU! Poco a poco me cuesta más hablar y pensar en castellano. Bueno, pues, ¿qué puedes hacer? HoyContinue reading “What should I do this summer?”

Adverbs of Manner

Hello! So, you would like to learn more about adverbs of manner? Awesome! Here are two great resources for you. The British Council has a brief explanation of the topic. The best part of this page is that they have four separate interactive exercises to help you practice! Check out http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/english-grammar/adverbials/adverbs-manner English Club has anContinue reading “Adverbs of Manner”

Homework: Writing E-mails

As a teacher, and a stickler for etiquette while writing, it bothers me to see e-mails written without a correct salutation or closing. E-mail is not a glorified text message… or am  I wrong? Please read the following article and do the interactive activities that are included (The definition game and the comprehension challenge). WeContinue reading “Homework: Writing E-mails”

A2: Homework for October 16, 2014

Imagine that you receive this e-mail from a customer: Dear John Doe, I am writing because I am unhappy with the website you designed for me. Here are the problems: 1. None of the links work! 2. When I open the “About Me” page, the song “Paquito Chocolatero” begins to play! 3. The colors areContinue reading “A2: Homework for October 16, 2014”