Present Simple

Do you want to review what we learned in class today? Here are two other explanations of the Present Simple: (in Spanish) (in English). Try any of the exercises listed under “Simple Present” to test your knowledge about this tense! Good luck!

Music to Practice your English

I have always felt that music is one of the best ways to work on your pronunciation. However, you must be careful about what music you use to practice your language skills! Personally, I think that there are certain genres (categories, types) that are better than others if you’re looking to improve your English. ForContinue reading “Music to Practice your English”

A2: Homework for October 16, 2014

Imagine that you receive this e-mail from a customer: Dear John Doe, I am writing because I am unhappy with the website you designed for me. Here are the problems: 1. None of the links work! 2. When I open the “About Me” page, the song “Paquito Chocolatero” begins to play! 3. The colors areContinue reading “A2: Homework for October 16, 2014”