Here is some information to help you review conditional sentences. Si prefieres estudiar este tema en castellano (os entiendo, es chungo…) echa un vistazo a: PRACTICE! Let’s start with two easy activities. Kahoots! Remember: I can see the results to these. 1. First conditional (If + present simple + will) 2. Second conditional (IfContinue reading “Conditionals”

A2: Homework for October 16, 2014

Imagine that you receive this e-mail from a customer: Dear John Doe, I am writing because I am unhappy with the website you designed for me. Here are the problems: 1. None of the links work! 2. When I open the “About Me” page, the song “Paquito Chocolatero” begins to play! 3. The colors areContinue reading “A2: Homework for October 16, 2014”