4th ESO: September Writing

Look at page 18 of your textbook. Read the informal e-mail in the model text. Using the model text as your guide, write an informal e-mail to a friend about any subject that you find interesting. The last day to hand in (entregar) a draft (borrador) is MONDAY, September 26th. Final copies are due onContinue reading “4th ESO: September Writing”

September Homework: Personal Profile

Look at page 18 of your Student’s Book. Do you see the personal profile about Claire Edwards? Your homework for September is to write a personal profile similar to Claire’s. Follow the instructions in the book: Be careful with your spelling and grammar! You must hand in (entregar) your homework on or before Friday, SeptemberContinue reading “September Homework: Personal Profile”

Writing in English

Sometimes you find a resource that makes you say “YES!” This is one of those resources. Are you trying to improve your writing skills? Santa Barbara Community College has an absolutely phenomenal website with loads of resources to help you! PLEASE take the time to check out all they have to offer: http://www.sbcc.edu/clrc/writing_center/onlinewritinglibrary.php I highly recommendContinue reading “Writing in English”